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At Star Talent Academy,” We find the Star in You”!


Star Talent Academy provides a comprehensive individualized education program for individuals and artists through the power of transformation.
STA focuses on close interaction between instructors and students – in class, in production and through active mentorship. STA is committed to providing confidence building and refine their comfort zones.


The principals of STA have over 50 years of experience in the entertainment industry, including Acting, Dance, Music, Theatre, Film, Television and Magazines.


At Star Talent Academy we teach students the latest techniques they can use to become a star in the entertainment industry. Each student is carefully evaluated and custom programs are designed to suit each student’s goals.  






Star Talent Academy has discovered some of the stars you see today in magazines, tv, film, music and more.  Brian Kehoe was hand picked by our C0-Founder Shyra Sanchez in Reno, Nevada. If you would like more information about how to get you career in Modeling, Acting, Comedy, Voice Overs, Singing and more  Call now 424-777-0956 for your FREE Talent Assessment. Go to Photo Gallery and see all of Brian’s Pics!

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Youth & Teen Class Schedule
To see our YOUTH & TEEN class schedule, please click the pdf icon
Youth & Teen Class Schedule
To see our YOUTH & TEEN class schedule, please click the pdf icon
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Check out these cool video’s from Star Talent Academy. You can see our amazing staff of industry professional getting students prepared for performances and one on one training.

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At Star Talent Academy, we are very careful to place each student in an appropriate class where they will be sufficiently motivated and challenged according to their physical ability, talent level, and the number of times that they study per week. We have experience in knowing that our programs when taught with care and discipline are an excellent activity for all students, children and teens.

Our programs build self-confidence, self-discipline, concentration skills, memorization skills and perseverance. Our programs are designed so that students can master realistic and attainable skills based on their age and experience levels. STA has over 50 years in the Entertainment business has shown us that when our students achieve, it bolsters their self-esteem. They are proud of themselves!!


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